You Need a Website, but where do you Begin?  

You will better know what you like and don't like for a Website by viewing others.  Take a couple of hours and browse through sites in your industry (just do a search using keywords from your industry and view what comes up), and write down which sites you like things on (and write down what you specifically like on each site such as "wording", "buttons", "Flash Intro", "banner", "navigation", "order page", etc.).  That is the most valuable information our designers can get, because it is visual, it is specific, and it is exactly what you say you want.

We are here to help you journey through deciding what you want, what you want it to look like, and to make it come to life!  Contact us anytime with any questions you have regarding your business, its needs, and ways to make it more web-friendly and accessible by the public. 

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