Ask yourself these questions:

  What budget have you set aside for your company's Website?

  Are you wanting your Website to be for information only, or for sales, marketing and improved customer service?

  The cost of your Website will be determined by the amount of information and photos (number of "pages") you wish to include.  A basic "information" Website usually takes about 5 pages... if you add Product Info/ Ordering/ Newsletters/ Archives, etc. it usually goes to 10-20 pages.  What size Website do you think will best portray all of your company's assets to the consumer?

  What names have you thought of that you would like for your Website's Address (URL)?  We can search many different choices for you and let you decide on your favorite choice.  It's important to consider that any URL ending in .com will be found quicker and easier than any other extension-- however it is wise to ALSO register your URL in .net, .ca, .biz, or .org so that people that search for your name with these other extensions are not "lost traffic", ending up on some competitor's Website.  Shorter URL's are generally best; however you also want to keep in mind that descriptive words relative to your specific business can enhance the name too... Feel free to ask us for suggestions.

Contact us with any questions we can help you with!


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