Website Marketing


For those who have had a website designed and now have it hosted, many of you know by now that just having a website on the Internet doesn't automatically bring you thousands of potential customers to your site, calling, ordering online, or dropping by your storefront to purchase your products or services.  


What many business owners have found out, is that their e-marketing efforts have just begun!  


Your first step should be to center all of your marketing and sales efforts so that they encourage your present customers and prospects to visit your site as a source of information about the products or services you offer.   To do this, be sure to collect all of your customers' and prospects' email addresses so that any upcoming promotions can be sent out via a newsletter or e-flyer.  


You will also want to prominently place your Domain Name ( on your business cards, brochures, letterhead, advertising and promotional pieces, and any publicity your receive through the media.


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