E-Marketer Masterpiece...  

The Grand Prize of Website Hosting!  Includes 500 megs. of space and up to 20 email accounts, one List Server to streamline your mailing list marketing, up to five email Auto Responders, Email Virus Protection on main business address, a weekly "Hit Report" on visitor traffic to your website, and a Shopping Cart function allowing unlimited product availability (**) and UNMATCHED, INTENSIVE, CUSTOMIZED MANUAL SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION AND PLACEMENT TO ACHIEVE TOP 10 STATUS FOR YOUR SITE: for $450 one-time setup fee (includes revisement of present website pages to maximize search engine acceptance) and $1200 annually  (order here!)

** (Does not include setup of products and their corresponding pictures/details.  Actual price of product setup depends upon amount of products and how much information is included with each).  Digital pictures or scans of products are available at $50 per 10 pictures (minimum charge of $50).  

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